[FRPythoneers] Re: VB/Python article....

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Wed Jun 6 11:21:31 MDT 2001

"J. Wayde Allen" wrote:
> > VB gives them a tool to do this and Python still isn't simple enough
> > for this group of users.
> It probably depends on the group of engineers and the task at hand.  Most
> engineers I'm around these days have little patience for VB or any
> language that they perceive as being textual.  The current rage in the our
> Labs is National Intruments Labview
I used that in the early to mid 1990s and wasn't impressed at all. 
Coming from C it took me longer than I liked to learn G (Labview's
programming language).  It also was way too slow for my taste at the
At my first job after graduate school I had to learn VB and implement a
lab control and DAQ system in VB (VB 4 at the time).  The reason:  We
could only get drivers for our hardware (some IEEE4888 bus card and
several plug in daq cards).  It seems that until very recently, when
lots of daq hardware became TCP/IP enabled, we were often slave to the
hardware vendor choices of programming environments.

> > Most of this little utilities have GUIs for one reason or another.
> Yes, but quite often I wondery why?  Many of these quick-and-dirty
> applications have no real need for a GUI.  Funny how the GUI has become
> more important in many cases than the task that prompted the development
> of the program.
I fully agree!

So let's hope that Python becomes mainstream - I really don't like
having to go back to Windows over and over again to work on VB projects.

Ferdinand Schmid
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