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Ken Kinder kkinder at tridog.com
Tue Jun 5 09:27:33 MDT 2001

I'm no IDE expert, but I would like to suggest Wing to everyone. I was a
die-hard x/emacs user, until I found wing. Mostly because of its
debugging features. I write a lot of web software, and wing's debugger
lets you debug processes on OTHER BOXES. You import its debugger file
and it'll connect to your IDE and you can step through code that lives
elseware. That's the main reason I use it. It would be wingide.com --
it's proprietary, although you can download a usable demo.

It does have some features a VB user might expect, except for GUI
prototyping. I haven't done much GUI prototyping, but I can suggest
either glade or Qt's Designer. Glade is IMHO better, but Designer has a
better Python code generator. Both glade and Designer are free.

Also, thekompany.com is working on a very VB'ish IDE for Python. Also

Personally I see nothing wrong with Python meeting these kind of needs.
Some people here at Tridog (where I work) use VB and seemed very
interested when I showed them Python.

Finally, there was one that I think activestate put out that did tkinter
prototyping. I downloaded it but didn't much like it.

Seriously though, wing's debugger and object/class browser are slick.

Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 10:50:02PM -0600, Matt Gushee wrote:
> >view that IDEs don't contribute a lot to productivity, and may even
> >impair it in some cases. Fine. But there are a lot of people out
> >there, professional developers (or so they say, and I've had no cause
> >to doubt them) and project managers, who take IDEs for granted. Who
> My IDE is Linux...  ;-)
> I think the problem is that a significant fraction of the Python community
> is in a similar boat.  A VB user should not be asking me to build an IDE.
> Instead of complaining about the lack of one (again several seem to be
> available), they should be building one...  I can't do it, because I just
> really don't understand the problem...
> >easier than trying to change the thinking of those multitudes who
> >are--what do you want to call them? Unenlightened? Brainwashed by
> >Microsoft? I read an interesting quote from Frank Zappa a couple weeks
> Yeah, I don't think we can actually change their thinking...  I'm certainly
> not the right person to build them a tool though...
> >I could name a couple of things, but how about a good object
> >browser? Personally, I find IDLE's object browser extremely awkward.
> pydoc has made me happy...
> Sean
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