[FRPythoneers] Re: VB/Python article....

Matt Gushee mgushee at havenrock.com
Tue Jun 5 09:24:50 MDT 2001

Clementson, Bill writes:

 > If you are interested in having a look at a Python IDE, have a look at Boa
 > Constructor. It is similar to VB in it's approach to gui construction. Note
 > that it uses wxPyhon (wxWindows) instead of Tkinter. Alternatively,
 > PythonWorks Pro has a Tkinter-based form designer. They are available at:

Thank you. If you read carefully what I wrote (not saying you have
to--I know all too well nobody does these days), I wasn't talking
about my own needs, but about why the Python community should
care. Personally, I play with IDEs now and then, but always come back
to a good text editor. If anything, I've been moving away from the IDE
world--the more experience I gain in coding, the better I like
VI. Yes, it's true: it may be possible to break the Emacs habit :-)

 > You mentioned that you use xemacs - have you tried oo-browser from
 > beopen.com? If you like object browsers, oo-browser is pretty comprehensive
 > but requires a bit of setup to use effectively.

Yeah. Never got around to figuring it out.

 > I've set up some custom
 > emacs code to automatically jump to modules and/or view pydoc
 > documentation,

Ooh, that sounds good. Would you be willing to share that code?


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