[FRPythoneers] fastcgi and BSDi

Ken Kinder kkinder at tridog.com
Fri Jun 1 13:22:19 MDT 2001

Has anyone had some odd things with FastCGI and BSDi? I've got two

	* the fcgi.py handler for Python detects whether stdin.fileno() is a
	  socket or a file descriptor to determine whether fastcgi is present
	  or not. On Linux (and I assume many systems), Apache gives a file
	  descriptor for standard CGI and a socket for fast CGI. My assumption
	  here is that BSD, for some optimization, makes everything a socket?

	* For some reason, fastcgi HTML output is being truncated to 4063
	  I think it's an even 4k, with a few bytes used in the header. I don't
	  know why this would be.

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Someone here is also
posting to
some BSDi mailing lists.
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