[FRPythoneers] Job Hunting Along the Front Range (job spam)

jkraai at murlmail.com jkraai at murlmail.com
Fri Jan 19 12:25:59 MST 2001

Many apologies for the spam and esp. if you've gotten this 
via more than one list.

I've relocated to Westminster and am job hunting in the 
Bolder/Golden/North Denver(?) areas.

I've coded a lot of Python (little scripts and 'big' Medusa- 
based middleware servers), prototyped python XML/XSL goodies, 
lots of system administration/automation/system alarming, etc.

Lots of shell scripting:  sh/bash, AWK, sed, some perl.  
Mostly installation scripts and remote monitoring.

Lots of TCL/TK servers, network monitors, hacks, but not much 

Lots of Windows application scripting (test scripts using 
DDE/COM hooks).

Operating systems?  I've done development, sysadmin, and 
network admin on Unix (linux, solaris, hp-ux, aix, irix, sco) 
and Windows/NT.  I prefer Unix to Windows, but need to go 
where the dollars flow.

Small companies are preferred.  I started one a couple of 
years ago in Iowa, we had about 20 employees, and it's 
since gone the way of many others lately.

If anybody knows of an opportunity within their company for 
someone who can think, who shows up for work every day, and 
who would rather be overworked than underworked, ask for a 
resume & references.


--jim kraai

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