[FRPythoneers] ANNOUNCE: pyntar -- tar-based network backup system.

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Sun Jan 7 01:48:01 MST 2001

Pyntar is the beginning of a network backup system (something like
Amanda) written in Python.  It implements a chap authenticated
socket to a remote backup server where backup streams can be stored
for later pursual, writing to tape, etc...

If the data-stream is in tar format (other formats can be used as well),
the server generates an index of where in the byte-stream particular
files and directory entries reside (for later fast recovery).

Data is streamed to a spool on the server, and broken up into chunks.
There is currently no code for writing this data to tape except by
using tar on the backup spool.  However, such a program should be
relatively easy to write because of the modular architecture of
pyntar.  In fact, modules could be written to store the data to
remote servers (off-site), CD-R/CD-RW media, tape, Zip drives,
or other backup media.

While it is currently being used for backing up a cluster of machines,
it definitely needs some further work on the automation of the dumping
to tape.  However, it is useful.  In fact, a hard drive failure on
new years eve caused me to test a backup done with it...

For more information or to download pyntar, see

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