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  PythonWorks 1.3 final is now available for download from
  the PythonWare site.

  This release is available as a self-installing EXE for
  Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, and as an RPM for RedHat Linux and
  SuSE Linux.

  - New features (since 1.2) include:

    + Jython support.  You can develop, run, and debug programs
      written for Jython/JPython 1.0, 1,1, 2.0, 2.1, and later.
    + Improved support for newer Python versions. 2.1, 2.2 etc.
      This release uses Python 2.1.1 internally.
    + Much improved user interface builder (layout editor) for
    + The main editor pad can be split, with subpads either on
      top of each other, or side by side.
    + New functions such as built-in PyChecker, diff, etc.
    + Much improved Emacs/Notepad-style editor modes.
      - Showing matching parentheses in editor.
      - Show line/column and selected editor mode in status line.
      - New and improved key bindings.
      - ... and much more
    + New project settings panel.
    + Speed improvements, most notably to the tracer and editor.
    + New and improved menus.
    + A rich set of predefined run environments for common Python
      distributions, plus automatic generation of run environments
      for Jython and others.
    + An on-line version of Fredrik Lundh's "Python Standard
      Library" book is available as part of the help system.

  - The 1.3 installation can co-exist with previous versions.
    However, you should consider backing up existing projects
    before using them under 1.3.

  To download 1.3 final, point your favourite browser to the
  following site:


the pythonworks team

  "Secret Labs AB -- makers of fine pythonware since 1997"

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