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George Jempty webfielding at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 22 08:56:40 MDT 2001

NOTE: I am resending the following per Evelyn Mitchell's request.  Darn 
HotMail defaults to it's "Rich Text" (HTML) editor; hopefully this will be 

I will be giving the talk to FROST (Front Range Object Study Group) on Tues 
Sept 25 on Object Oriented Javascript.  It's at 7pm at the Village Inn in 
Castle Rock.

Some details are on the site http://www.frostgroup.net.  Uche spoke there a 
couple of years ago on Python.  Who am I to speak, I've only been lurking 
for two years now (!!) but crosstalk between the two groups might be 
beneficial.  And if you do any web development, I have some interesting 
tricks up my sleeve.

George Jempty

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