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Mon Apr 30 17:25:01 MDT 2001

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 06:15:11PM -0500, Cameron Laird wrote:
>?  If you have Py2.1, you can even

Good point.  If you have Python 2.1 you can also use pydoc from the

   guin:jafo$ pydoc string.join
   Python Library Documentation: function join in string

   join(words, sep=' ')
       join(list [,sep]) -> string

       Return a string composed of the words in list, with
       intervening occurrences of sep.  The default separator is a
       single space.

       (joinfields and join are synonymous)

There's also http://www.pydoc.org/ (which unfortunately doesn't seem very
helpful on this question).  The command-line pydoc is worth installing
Python 2.1 though.  My 2.1 RPMs at ftp://ftp.tummy.com/pub/tummy/RPMS/SRPMS
or binaries in the binaries-KRUD-7.1 directory will install *NEXT TO* the
regular 1.5.2 RPMs on Redhat, and will allow you to use "pydoc" from the

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