[FRPythoneers] Question about string.join method

Cameron Laird claird at starbase.neosoft.com
Mon Apr 30 17:15:11 MDT 2001

	From frpythoneers-admin at lists.community.tummy.com  Mon Apr 30 17:28:21 2001
	Aha!  It was pretty obvious that this was the behaviour I was seeing, but
	I was having trouble finding a good reference to the syntax for the
	string.join method.  If I change the line to:
Python encourages many practitioners to believe that
the processor itself is the most convenient reference.
Do you realize you can
  >>> from string import join
  >>> join.__doc__
  'join(list [,sep]) -> string\012joinfields(list [,sep]) -> string\012\012Return
  a string composed of the words in list, with\012intervening occurences of sep.
  Sep defaults to a single\012space.\012\012(join and joinfields are synonymous)'
?  If you have Py2.1, you can even
  >>> from pydoc import help
  >>> help("string.join")
  Help on function join in module string:

  join(words, sep=' ')
      join(list [,sep]) -> string

      Return a string composed of the words in list, with
      intervening occurrences of sep.  The default separator is a
      single space.    

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