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I've been to two of these seminars, and I'd go again.
Alan really knows his stuff, and has an engaging teaching

Evelyn Mitchell
efm at tummy.com

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Last July we offered a free seminar on using design patterns in Analysis.
Due to its popular reception we are offering it again.  While I am in town
to deliver a 1/2 day introduction to object-oriented design and a full two
day course on pattern oriented design, I will be taking the time to present
a 2.5 hour presentation in downtown Denver on Using Design Patterns in

·	what design patterns are
·	the strategy pattern
·	the abstract factory pattern
·	how to use design patterns in analysis to discover and manage variations -
the Analysis matrix
·	the bridge pattern (if time permits)

Summary: Design patterns are usually thought of as being limited to solving
local design/implementation problems.  However, they can be very useful in
analysis, once their true value is understood.  This seminar describes
design patterns from a perspective more consistent with Christopher
Alexander (the architect who first stated patterns existed) than with the
current software design pattern community.  Participants should understand
object-oriented design but need not have any experience in design patterns.

Time and Place: Tuesday, November 14, Executive Tower Hotel.  6:30-9:00 (we
may end a little early).

This seminar is free and open to the public but you must register as a
limited number of seats is available.  To register, send an e-mail to
info at netobjectives.com.  For each person being registered, include: e-mail
address, company name, and the registration code DDPW.

See more information on this seminar at:

Who should attend: developers and project managers who have at least a
minimal understanding of object-oriented technology.

Biography of Presenter:
Alan Shalloway is the principal consultant of Net Objectives. Since 1981, he
has been both an OO consultant and developer of software in several
industries. His list of former and current clients includes: Boeing, IBM,
Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, US West and Visio. In addition to
consulting and mentoring, Alan teaches both Java and a variety of OO courses
ranging from introductory analysis and design courses to advanced courses
using Design Patterns. He also gives tutorials at several conferences
world-wide each year. He is currently writing a book - Pattern Oriented
Design: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Design and Beyond. Alan has a
Masters in Computer Science from MIT.

MORE INFORMATION OR SEE: http://www.netobjectives.com/pc_dps.htm

Net Objectives specializes in object-oriented software development including
design patterns, OOA&D, Java, C++ & project management.  We have the
following courses currently scheduled:
  Intro to Object-Oriented Design
  Pattern Oriented Design (Design Patterns)
We offer mentoring and consulting as well as our public and on-site courses.
Call 425-260-8754 for more info or see www.netobjectives.com
Look for Alan Shalloway's and Jim Trott's book - Pattern Oriented Design:
Design Patterns from Analysis to Implementation to be published by Addison
Wesley early next year.

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