[FRPythoneers] pySpam e-mail filtering software

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Mon Oct 9 01:51:54 MDT 2000

UCE has been ticking me off enough lately that I've been waking up in the
morning with ideas about how I can filter it out more automaticly.  Really.
This morning I finally went with it and the result is pySpam.  It's 
currently fairly a kludge with little documentation, but it does have
1500 correctly-processed e-mail messages under it's belt (processing
archives from my last two weeks of all incoming e-mail).

I thought I'd package it up and see if there were any comments.  I'm
fairly happy with what I've got right now, but there needs to be more
in-code documentation and some of the common cases need to be
simplified (5 lines of code per check in the common case is too much).

The main code that handles reading and parsing the message, implementing
the tests, delivery and MAPS queries is 160 lines of code.  The sample
filters are around 100.

Think of this as sort of a procmail in python.  I know there's another
project to do that, but I wanted to try out my ideas...

Any comments?

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