[FRPythoneers] theCLIQ press release

George Jempty webfielding at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 20 05:22:08 MST 2000

>This is a democracy, and you
>vote with your attendance.  If your vote is that you would rather the only
>opportunities to interact with internationally known Open Source folks is
>by flying to one of the coasts and paying $500, that'll be important for
>us to know when deciding if there will be another one next year.

I'm voting with my POCKETBOOK.  You don't want to know how little I'm being 
paid by a non-open-source shop in the Springs -- for ecommerce/web 
development no less!  Needless to say they won't pay, and I can't afford it; 
nor can I afford the time away from my spare time projects to volunteer and 
get in free for half a day.  Furthermore, with all the Linux-heads that were 
in this area before I moved here last year, I'm not afraid that my not 
attending is going to result in such a conference never coming back to 
Denver in the future.

>Personally, I think that these Linux events are one of the pleasures in
>life, and we thought it was time to have one in the mid-west.

I thought I just moved here from the mid-west ;)

>I can't
>wait, even though I'll be spending most of the day ensuring it goes
>smoothly, and not partying...
>Logistics Coordinator for TheCLIQ.

Seriously -- good luck Sean, and keep up the good work!
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