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Evelyn Mitchell efm at tummy.com
Fri Mar 17 10:55:50 MST 2000

Colorado Linux Info Quest
Saturday, April 1st, 2000
Denver Marriott Tech Center
9AM - 5PM

Denver, CO (Mar 14, 2000) -- In response to the tremendous growth of Linux 
over the past few years, Colorado Linux Info Quest (CLIQ) is proud to announce
the first ever Linux conference and exhibit to be held along the Colorado
Front Range, Saturday, April 1st, 2000 at the Denver Tech Center Marriott.

CLIQ, in association with local Linux user groups and local and regional Linux 
business sponsors, will be holding a one day event featuring a full days 
schedule of Linux exhibits, invited talks, real world demonstrations and Birds 
of a Feather sessions. 

Speakers will include:

Jon "maddog" Hall, Executive Director of Linux International

     "Linux Around the World", a look at the exciting ways that Linux is
     taking off around the globe, from embedded and end user systems
     to supercomputers, for medical research, education, business and

Scott S. Draeker, founder and President of Loki Software.

      "Free Software, Beer and Games", a look at games on the Linux
      platform and their future.

Jim Ready, CEO of Montavista Software

     A recognised authority in the embedded systems and real-time
     software software industry, Jim pioneered the development of the
     first viable commercial RTOS product, the VRTX real-time kernel.
     He comes to this event to talk about how and why he has now
     become a Linux and open source software advocate.

Kevin Gorey, Director of Software Product Marketing for SGI.

     "SGI's plans for Linux" will take a look at why SGI is committing
     so heavily to the Linux platform.

Rasmus Lerdorf, author of the PHP programming language.

     "An introduction to PHP". PHP is a server-side HTML-embedded
     scripting language which has become very popular over the past couple
     of years.  

Larry McVoy, well known kernel hacker from BitMover, Inc.

     "Scaling Linux to the Enterprise" - Larry will talk about scaling Linux 
      for the enterprise.

Harry McGregor and Justin Ziegler 

     "How Open Source Can Help Education" - This talk will be related to 
     getting Linux and open source into the classroom.

Dave Whitinger, Linsight / Atipa

     "The Linux Business Landscape" - one of the two original founders of
     LinuxToday, one of the oldest and most well respected Linux news sites.
     Always an energetic speaker, Dave will talk about the IPO/merger 
     environment, its future and impact on Linux developmentb. 

Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions and demos will also be held on a
variety of topics.  Some promising topics:

   Debian GNU/Linux.  Bdale Garbee, a Debian developer, will join us
   to lead this informal discussion and has promised us that two or
   three additional Debian developers are planning on attending.

   Zope.  Zope is an extremely popular and rapidly developing open
   source web application server.  Paul Everitt, CEO of Digital
   Creations, the company that created Zope and chose to release it
   to the open source community, may be present to lead a BOF.

   Perl.  Tom Christiansen and Nathan Nathan Torkington, grand poobahs
   of the Perl religion, ahem, programming community and co-authors of
   the "Perl Cookbook" will lead this BOF.

   Python.  Sean Reifschneider and Evelyn Mitchell from tummy.com
   will share their expertise in this area.

   High Availability Linux.  Alan Robertson, leader of the High
   Availability Linux project (http://www.linux-ha.org and member
   of the SuSE development team joins us to lead this group.

   Plus BOFs on Small Business Conversions to Linux, Java on Linux,
   and more ...

Exhibitors and Demos

The CLIQ will have on display games, embedded systems, computer systems
running Linux, accelerated graphics, computer retailers, scanners
software, technical publications, Linux appliances, high speed
networking, Linux training and support.

Sponsors and Exhibitors for the event include:

   Compaq, SGI, VA Linux, Montavista Software, Atipa, Linuxcare,
   Softpro, Xi Graphics, LinuxMall, tummy.com, Linux Journal, LWN.net,
   Aspen Systems, eSoft, Plus Ten, Applix, Cobalt and more ...

For more information, to register or to volunteer, check the website


Please note that, due to the number of people expected and the full day we
have planned, advanced registration is *strongly* recommended, to avoid
waiting in line the day of the event.  Please note that no credit cards
will be accepted at the door!  Web registrations can be done via credit
card or check.  Event day registrations will require check or cash.  

Take care and we hope to see you at the event!

Contact Information

CLIQ Chairman:  
   Michael J. Hammel
   mjhammel at thecliq.org
   mjhammel at graphics-muse.org

CLIQ Vendor Contact:
   Kevin Cullis
   kcullis at thecliq.org

The CLIQ Web Site:

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