[FRPythoneers] Data Acquisition with Python

Mike Olson Mike.Olson at fourthought.com
Wed Aug 16 15:11:14 MDT 2000

Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> There's a program called "SWIG" which can be used to create wrappers
> for C code in Python, Perl, etc...  It's supposed to be pretty neat,
> but I've run into many problems with building modules that used it.
> I've never written anything using it at all.

I've actually written many wrappers using SWIG, and I have found it can
be very good for simple things.  It can also be a good way to get your
"initial" wrapping.  I've always found that to get better performance
and to do more complicated wrappings you need to extend what SWIG can do
(unless you want to learn about SWIG typemaps ACK!)


> It's kind of like using an IDL with RPC, if you're familiar with that.
> Sean
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