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Subject: [boulder-acm-list]  ACM/ September 2000 Meeting Announcement

We are pleased to announce the September 2000 meeting of the 
   Boulder Chapter of the ACM. 

  Topic:   The Python Programming Language and What It Has To Offer
  Date:    Tuesday, September 12th, 2000
  Time:    7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (meet-the-speaker dinner beforehand)
  Place:   University Computing Center room 123 on Marine Street
  Speaker: Mark Lutz

Python is a popular, open source, object-oriented programming
language, with an explicit focus on productivity, portability,
and integration.  Python combines the usability of a scripting
language with system development constructs such as classes,
modules, and exceptions.  Moreover, unlike many scripting tools,
Python sports a remarkably easy to write and read syntax.  Because
of its rapid turnaround, Python is being applied in a wide variety
of roles, from scripting the animation in the latest Star Wars
movie, to serving up maps on Yahoo's web site.  Since its creation
in 1990, Python's user community has been growing exponentially,
and was recently estimated to be some 300,000 strong.

In this presentation, Mark Lutz will give a general overview of
Python: its major features, applications, and community.  He will
talk about where Python came from, who is using it today, and where
it is going.  Along the way, this talk will also present a few
example Python scripts, along with a quick look at the Python
language tools they apply--built-in types, classes, and library
modules.  The talk will conclude with pointers to Python resources
on the web, and a peek at popular Python extensions, such as the
Zope web framework, and JPython.  Questions from the audience are
encouraged throughout the talk.

Mark Lutz is a Python trainer, writer, and software developer,
and is one of the primary figures in the Python community.
He is the author of the O'Reilly books Programming Python and
Python Pocket Reference, and co-author of Learning Python.
Mark has been involved with Python since 1992, and began teaching
Python classes in 1997. In addition, he holds BS and MS degrees
in computer science from the University of Wisconsin, and has
worked on compilers, programming tools, scripting applications,
and assorted client/server systems.

We invite you to have dinner with
the speaker and colleagues at the May Wah chinese restaurant, in the BaseMar 
shopping center at the corner of Baseline and Broadway in Boulder. You'll pay
for your own meal, but the conversation is worth it. So that we reserve a 
large enough table, we ask that you confirm your attendance by noon on 
Monday, September 11th  via email to UllaMerz at aol.com. Dinner begins at 
6:00pm and ends at 7:00pm so that we can drive the short distance to CU. 

Location and Directions
Here is a set of directions to the University Computing Center on Marine 
Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  

 From Denver
Drive North on Highway 36 which turns into 28th Street once you enter 
Boulder. At the intersection of 28th Street and Arapahoe turn East. Go East 
and at the traffic light turn right onto Marine Street. The Computing Center 
is on the North West Corner of Marine Street and Arapahoe. Park in the 
parking lot across from the main entrance of the Computing Center.

 From North
On the Diagonal Highway go South. The Diagonal Highway turns into the 
Foothill Parkway. At the intersection of Arapahoe and Foothill Parkway turn 
onto Arapahoe going West. At the next traffic light (Marine Street) turn left 
onto Marine Steet. The Computing Center is on the North West Corner of Marine 
Street and Arapahoe. Park in the parking lot across from the main entrance of 
the Computing Center.

Please pass this invitation along to others who might also be interested.


The Boulder Chapter of the ACM is a local professional chapter of the 
Association for Computing Machinery, an international organization of 
computer practitioners and researchers. 

The mission of the Boulder Chapter is to promote the exchange of 
information and ideas to increase the effectiveness of the Boulder area 
computing community. 

The chapter is a non-profit, educational organization that serves the 
Boulder, Denver and northern Colorado Front Range area. 

The chapter holds regular meetings for informal information exchange. 
Meetings are usually the fourth Tuesday of the month. Members and 
non-members are welcome to attend. For information about the chapter,
or to be placed on our mailing list, see our web page at

Once or twice a year we present a professional development seminar 
(PDS), usually a tutorial by a recognized expert in a particular 
aspect of computing. Both of these offerings are intended to help
computer professionals learn about developments outside of their specialty. 

The Executive Council meets monthly, usually the first Wednesday of 
the month, either at a local restaurant or via telephone conference. 
Anyone wishing to participate in Chapter activities is invited
to attend.

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