[FRPythoneers] Meeting Report for 2000-04-21

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Fri Apr 21 00:46:50 MDT 2000

I had a lot of fun at the meeting tonight.  It had nothing to do with the
fact that Evelyn was double-booked and had to hit the Investment meeting
which was also held at Healthy Choices tonight...  ;-)  It was mostly just
a low-stress geeking time.

We decided to give the Third Tuesday of the month a try at Soft Pro.
The SoftPro store is in the strip mall directly south across the parking
lot from Healthy Habits.  They generously offered a Python book for us
to give away at the meetings, and Evelyn even gave away her Perl T-shirt
she got from buying a few O'Reilly books.

We scheduled the hacking party for May 6th at our office here.  We'll
post directions as it gets to be that time.  Uche brought up an
interesting idea of having everyone bring code samples of what they
want to document and spending some time doing triage right up
front.  I like the idea, partly because we've been so busy lately that
I'm not sure where I'll find the time to do organization BEFORE the
event.  If you just want to watch, fine -- code review is nice to have...

LDAP was brought up, I spammed on about what I know as far as setting up
a machine to run using LDAP as a replacement to NIS for user accounts and
the like.  Hopefully my research paid off for somone...  Uche mentioned
that OpenLDAP works well with one of the Python LDAP modues.

We spoke some about Python books.  I asked if there was any good
rank beginner python programming books (for people who haven't
programmed before) and nobody could come up with a good one.

I registered a delightful domain for Calvin while we were there.
The CDPD modem is a great toy.  Calvin was asking what he should
pursue as far as learning for getting a job, and I channeled
ESR with "Follow your bliss."  Having a job doing something you
love tends to make both you and your employers much happier.

 "Sometimes Omaha can't be avoided."
                 -- Howard Borden the navigator, _Bob_Newhart_
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