[FRPythoneers] First meeting summary

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Wed Oct 20 02:31:27 MDT 1999

Our first meeting was quite delightful.  We had 10 folks in attendance,
most of whom were experienced Python programmers.  Evelyn's vision
of the group was to be structured around the idea of a "study group".

As the meeting progressed however, we came to the conclusion that we'd
actually like to work on projects and build things as a group.  The
initial project that got us interested in this is to implement something
for Python Module Archive management and distribution.  If you know
Perl, think CPAN...

We plan to use the list to come up with a set of requirements and perhaps
a design.  I believe the idea for doing project work actually came from

Mark Lutz also presented the idea of forming a print Python Journal.
The plan is to use the mailing list for discussion of the issues relating
to attracting interest in the project.  There was agreement that
the time is probably right for a print publication for Python.

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