[Linux-ha-dev] Debugging the Solaris Port

Soffen, Matthew msoffen at iso-ne.com
Tue Jun 24 07:30:32 MDT 2003

Well. I did an experiment, the 1.0.x code on the site works and works
properly on Solaris, however the new 1.1.x code does not.

Fundamentally, what changed from 1.0.x to 1.1.x ?  I vaguely remember
something about IPC stuff changing drastically between the 2 versions.


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Sorry... Here is a GZipped copy of the log file.

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I have the trace file.

The HA Log file is here too.

Not sure what it can show you but hopefully it shows something.


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Soffen, Matthew wrote:
> Ah.. Further looking (and adding debug statements)    The error I'm
> receiving from trying to write ( from the feof(f) call) is 16 .  It looks
> like this is EBUSY ( Mount device busy ).  This error seems to start in
> msgfromstream function (that's where it's getting the EOF set).

Can you run this under strace, or truss, or something similar so we can see 
exactly what's happening at the system call level?


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