[Linux-ha-announce] Re: [Linux-HA] Announcing! Release 2.0.5 of Linux-HA is now available!

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Tue Apr 25 15:27:35 MDT 2006

Alan Robertson wrote:
The Linux-HA team proudly announces bug-fix release 2.0.5 of the
Linux-HA (aka "heartbeat") software.

As usual, you can find it here:

2.0.5 has significant bug fixes and enhancements making it a worthwhile 
upgrade for anyone running R2 CRM-style configurations, or who want to.

I just tried the 2.0.5 GUI, and it's really cool.  You can definitely 
put it through its paces with the GUI.  See http://linux-ha.org/GuiGuide
But, maybe I'm just easily amused ;-)

* Sun Apr 23 2006  Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh> (see doc/AUTHORS file)
+ Version 2.0.5 - significant bug fixes and a few feature deficits fixed
   + various portability fixes
   + enable GUI to run with pygtk 2.4
   + significant GUI improvements and speedups
   + numerous logging improvements (generally much quieter)
   + speed up CIB processing by writing it to disk asynchronously
   + add CIB on-disk checksums
   + removed dependency on openssl
   + added "failure stickiness" to the CIB/CRM
   + Several fixes to the membership code
   + We now log all output from resource agents
   + fixed STONITHd memory leaks.
   + Added an OCF RA for Xen guests
   + Added email alerts to ldirectord
   + Improvements to the haresources2cib upgrade tool
   + Several fixes to cibadmin
   + Fix some autoadd-related bugs
   + Added Chinese support to the GUI
   + Added a daemon to replace and generalize ipfail
     + Limited testing only
   + Significant improvements to CIM model, including modifying things
   + Extensive Master/slave testing and fixes
   + Use a digest of the parameters used in an action (smaller CIB)
   + Improved detection of "old" events that should be ignored by the PE
     (ensures resource monitoring is active when required)
   + Better detection of required and/or optimal behaviour in mixed
     (and formerly mixed) clusters
   + LRM now supports multiple concurrent monitor operations
   + Optional startup & runtime enforcement of DTD validation
     (Invalid changes are rejected)
   + cibadmin tool overhauled and verified to function correctly
   + Some deprecated CIB features now unsupported
     + Placing nvpair objects in crm_config (must now use
     + on_stopfail removed in favor of setting on_fail in the resource's
       stop operation
     + start_prereq removed in favor of setting prereq in the resource's
       start operation


     Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh>

"Openness is the foundation and preservative of friendship...  Let me 
claim from you at all times your undisguised opinions." - William 

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