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Cameron Laird wrote:
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> > Of course.  My point is, that once code has been developed, then unit
> > tests are useless.
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> I'm having trouble keeping up with this discussion.
> Could you please elaborate on this, "... unit tests
> are useless"?

Not useless.  But the only serve a meaningful purpose up to a certain
point in the development processes.  This is why I think of them as more
like development scripts.

Once code gets into later stages of development, then the rest of the
system has become dependent on the behaviour of that piece of code. 
When an error is found in that code, updating the unit test harness only
verifys that that piece of code is now running correctly.  This isn't
even gaurenteed as this was thought to be true before.  However, the
rest of the system needs to be tested to validate that the changes does
not effect the system.  This is done with larger level tests like
system,regression, use-case, what ever you call them.  At this stage of
development the unit test hanresses provide very little (if not no)

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