[FRPythoneers] In search of a member...

Mike Romberg romberg at fsl.noaa.gov
Tue Jul 17 14:36:03 MDT 2001

>>>>> " " == Keith Hellman <kehellman at yahoo.com> writes:

     > I attended my first frpythoneers meeting last month (PIPPY), I
     > mentioned I was trying to investigate python on an embedded
     > device versus using Java.

     > It was suggested that I speak to one of the members but he was
     > gone before I had a chance to... is this person (ie someone who
     > has used embedded Java) on the mailing list?

  While I have not used embedded Java, I have used Java and I have
used an embedded python.  There is a port of linux to the compaq ipaq.
This is a fairly small device which has limited amounts of memory.
The folks who put together a linux distribution for the ipaq seem to
be using python for what I assume are several reasons.  

  The first of these is that python is way more portable than Java.
You can actually get the interpreter running on the embedded device.
My understanding is that Java is quite a bear to port.  The last I
heard, the Java VM was just starting to work on the ipaq.  But it had
problems in that it was using way too much memory.  Python seems
better in this area.  The third advantage of python in my opinion is
that python code actually runs on different platforms in the same
way.  When I used Java (it was in the alpha/beta code days) it never
seemed to run the same way on different platforms.  With python, it
seems pretty easy to develop on a desktop and just copy the code over
to the embedded device.  No cross compilers, or other junk is needed.

Mike Romberg (romberg at fsl.noaa.gov)

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