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Just a quick reminder that Martin Fowler and Michael Two are scheduled to
speak at a special XP Denver meeting next Thursday, July 19. As always, the
event is free and open to local high tech professionals.

For those of you not familiar with Martin Fowler, he is the Chief Scientist
for ThoughtWorks, a leading custom e-business application and platform
development firm. For a decade he was an independent consultant pioneering
the use of objects in developing business information systems. He's worked
with technologies including Smalltalk, C++, object and relational databases,
and EJB with domains including leasing, payroll, derivatives trading and
healthcare. He is particularly known for his work in patterns, the UML,
lightweight methodologies, and refactoring. His top selling books include:
Refactoring, the award winning UML Distilled, Planning Extreme Programming,
and Analysis Patterns.

Michael Two is a senior developer and XP advocate for ThoughtWorks. Prior to
ThoughtWorks, Michael was a senior software engineer for Campbell Software,
Inc. Michael has been a featured speaker at XP Immersion 4 and SD West and
holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Loyola University in Chicago.

The event is being held at the Qwest auditorium in Downtown Denver, which
seats around 120. We plan on starting around 5:00pm, but final details will
follow this week and will also be posted on our website at
http://www.xpdenver.org/martin_fowler.html. Be sure to mark the event on
your calendar so that you arrive early to get a seat.

- Alex

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